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 Community Location

The community of Beer Milka, belonging to Ramat Negev regional council, is currently in stages of establishment, app. 3 km northwest of the community of Kmehin, close to the Holot Agor Reservation.

Traveling Distances: 80 km from Beer-Sheva.

 General Information

Beer Milk is a secular moshav in advanced stage of establishment, with app. 13 families. The members of Beer-Milka core currently live in the community of Kmehin, until the completion of the infrastructure works at the site of the permanent community.

The core is comprised from people who want and able to live comfortably with their neighbors, love Negev and nature and interested to take active part in the foundation of a new community, with emphasis on quality of life, community life and tranquility.

Average ages: 20-40

Age groups:

Children 0-3: 14

Children 3-6: 5

Children 6-13: 4

Youth 13-21: 1

Adults 21-120: 24

Absorption Process: Absorption questionnaire in filled by hand and criminal record > meeting with the settlement's reception committee, representative of OR National Missions and representative of the community development department > first core meeting > professional department - P.I.L.T / other directions > second core meeting > weekend as a guest > core's voting for accepting the candidate for candidacy year > inter-departmental committee in the community development department > candidacy year - moving into the community with the family > core's voting on the reception to Beer-Milka Society.

 Building in the Community

Expansions: The community offers lots at the size of 1 acre for building + 80 acres intended for agriculture (in agricultural territories - app. 8 km from the community), lot development cost is app. 40,000 NIS. The construction is subject to the community's building regulations.

Renting in the Community: It is possible to rent trailer wagons of the Community Development Department until moving into the permanent residence (time limited).

Grants and Bonuses: Until today settler grants were given by the Jewish Agency to each settler in Pithat Nitzana. Nowadays the Agency transfers its dealings with the community to the Community Development Department. Allocation of the grants is scheduled to resume with the completion of prerogatives transfer between these bodies.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Employment in the community and its vicinity: The surrounding area includes Nitzana Educational Youth Village - employment in the area of education, instruction and sciences. Other jobs are available at the Nitzana Terminal, in Beer-Sheva and its vicinity.

Production  in the community: Agriculture and any other private initiative.

Entrepreneurship in the community:Tourism in the community's territory and agricultural areas.


The community was founded in the summer of 2006. The whole area is natural reserve where Nahal Lavan crosses Nahal Nitzana. At the crossing point of the creeks lies an old well, called 'Bir-Malga' in Arabic. The meaning of the name is "meeting well". The Bible tells about two women named Milka, one was the wife of Nahor, brother of Abraham and the other was a daughter of Zalfehad.

Foundation Process: The core of founding families coalesced in the adjacent moshav of Kmehin in the year 2002. In August of 2006 the core is supposed to move into the temporary settlement in Beer-Milka, and later each family shall build its house and move into the permanent lot.

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Sigalit Reception Committee      054-6699389

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