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Transportation in the Negev

The vast expanses of the Negev enable the residents to find their places of delight across the desert scenery. In the course of time roads were paved to each and every community and settlement. Today, one can get anywhere in his car or using public transportation. In the visible future, it would be possible to come to Beer-Sheva via an express train or even by airplane landing in one of the local airports.


The leading operator of public transportation in Israel in listed among world's largest public transportation operators and supplying app. 60% of the total public transportation services in Israel. The company is spread across the state, from Metula to Eilat.

Egged constantly works to improve the quality of service and cares for the welfare and safety of the passenger.


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Public Transportation Company Ltd. was founded in 2000 by the Tour Bus Group in order to take active role in the process of opening the Israeli public transportation market to competition.

Since its foundation Metropoline won the concession for operation of bus-lines from Tel-Aviv to Beer-Sheva and operates 11 lines that serve many communities in the Negev and Hashfela (lowland) areas. In 2003 Metropoline Group joined forces with Nahor Netivey Tahbura Company, which is a subsidiary of Dan Public Transportation Company, and the two founded Metrodan Beer-Sheva Ltd. Company. In October 2003 Metrodan won the tender for operation of 20 urban bus lines in Beer-Sheva, which serve more than 25 million clients a year.

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 Israel Railways

Arriving in time, comfortably and safely to any destination - the solution lies in using the train as means of public transportation that can ease the congestion on the roads, reduce the number of accidents and improve the quality of life.

Investment budget of Israeli Railways for the years 2003-2008 is an important and central part in government plans to accelerate economical growth, through massive investment in infrastructures and closing the distances between the periphery and the center. The company's program for the next 5 years features heavy emphasis on investments in the southern region, expressed in establishment of new lines and stations and in restoration and upgrading of the existing ones.

The result is improvement in the service to the residents through increase in the frequency of the trains and building of modern stations to serve the passengers.

Ongoing Projects:

Third rail track in the Ayalon: In order to increase train traffic capacity in the Tel-Aviv Center - Tel-Aviv South segment, which currently is a bottleneck in the increase of trains frequency of the general national grid, the company ads third rail at this segment.

Project termination date: second quarter of 2006.

Status: in execution

Doubling the Naan - Beer-Sheva line: doubling the tracks at the segment, including route improvement between Kiryat-Gat and Beer-Sheva, and building the stations of Kiryat-Malachi and Lehavim.

Route: 77 km.

Termination date: Fourth quarter of 2009

Status: in execution.

Doubling Lod - Naan line: doubling the tracks, straightening the route and building a railway station in Ramla.

Route length: 10.5 km.

Termination date: First quarter of 2008.

Status: in execution

Ashkelon - Beer-Sheva line: building of a double-track line connecting the Lod - Beer-Sheva track to Ashkelon - Erez track. Includes railways stations in Sderot, Netivot and Ofakim.

Route length: 70 km

Termination date: fourth quarter of 2009.

Status: in detailed planning

Rishon Le Zion - Bney Darom track: building of double track between Rishon Le Zion West (Moshe Dayan) to the Bney-Darom junction and stretching the track from Ayalon South toward connection with Ashdod - Ashkelon track, including railway station in Yavne West. Track length: 16 km.

Termination date: Fourth quarter of 2009.

Status: in detailed planning.


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