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 Community Location

Ashalim belonging to Ramat Negev regional council, is located at Mash'abim-Nitzana road, close to the eastern bank of Habesor River. The moshav is located at the geographical meeting point of the north Negev Mountains with the Khalutza sands plane.

Traveling Distances: 35 km from Beer-Sheva, 100 km from Ashkelon, 23 km from Yeruham.

 General Information

Ashalim is a secular community vilage  in expansion of 70 families. It can be characterized as a community settlement in all the matters linked to social and communal issues; economically, each family takes care for itself. The settlement has operating teams and committees attempting to foster the social and communal lives of the residents.

Ashalim is the home of Adiel Village. Adiel Society initiated establishment of a student village with the purpose of settling by the community and contributing to it. The village serves as temporary lodging of students, and at the present permanent buildings are being built. The students learn in Ben-Gurion University, enjoy special scholarships, free rides and life in natural setting that enables undisturbed learning and fresh desert air, as well as fertile meetings with the local community, families and children. In return, the students are obliged to provide a certain number of community hours, on the basis of criteria set by Adiel Society.

Community Motto: Ashalim is a place where one comes to a quiet and pleasant place after a laborious day. It is a place that provides security for children, and mainly…. a better educational system, quality kindergartens accompanied by the MAAGAN Team that fosters and accompanies the toddlers through all the development stages, rhythmic lessons, physiotherapist, councilor, etc. Life in Ashalim are pleasant and can be even more pleasant for those interested to contribute their efforts and time to the social life and develop private business initiatives.

In the community: swimming pool, playground, synagogue, library, members club, youth club, playing courts for children.

Average ages: 30-50

Age groups:
Children 0-3: 17
Children 3-6: 18
Children 6-13: 18
Youth 13-21: 20
Adults 21-120: 140

Absorption Process: Filling acquaintance forms > interview with the absorption committee > PILAT tests > institutional committee approval.

 Building in the Community

Expansions: Existing possibility to purchase 500 sqm lots for self-building or to purchase a villa from Y.S.Bracha Company.

Renting in the community: There is a possibility to rent houses. Further update is provided at the council website and in the community.

Bonuses and benefits: Loans and grants in mortgage for the entitled of Development Area A' residents, Income tax discounts up to 16%.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Employment in the community and its vicinity: Ashalim enjoys exposure to a wide array of employment sources published at the info board and websites of the regional council, OR National Missions and more.

In addition, the residents work in various and diverse areas: alternative medicine, engineering, education, security forces. There are also several private businesses: zimmers, gallery, catering, pastry shop, falafel, plant nursery, jeep company, transportation company, repair contractors, etc. Many residents engage for their living and pleasure in various branches of art.

Entrepreneurship in the community: Existing possibility to develop business initiatives and private entrepreneurship in the areas of catering and accommodation. The settlement also has active private entrepreneurs in various areas: tourism - zimmers and accommodation, catering and pastry shop, home gallery, jeep tours, transportation, maintenance, etc


The community was founded in 1976 and its name "Ashalim" derives from the "Eshel" (tamarisk) tree, (in its plural form) which is the most widespread plant in the region and across the Negev.

Foundation Process: A group of 5 young families with 8 children organized in 1976 and settled at 'Bir Asluj' hill (close to Golda Park) with the purpose of establishing a community settlement. For the first three years the group lived in caravans and in 1979 finally moved into the permanent settlement of Ashalim located at Road 211, app. 5 minutes from Tlalim Junction in the direction of Nitzana.

Foundation Milestones: At the foundation year the settlement was visited by the late Yitzhak Rabin.

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