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Northern Negev/Sdot Negev Regional Council/Givolim

 Community Location

Moshav Givolim, belonging to Sdot Negev regional council, is located 3 km south of Netivot.

Traveling distances: 5 km from Netivot, 30 km from Beer-Sheva and 15 km from Ofakim.

 General Information

Givolim is a mixed moshav in expansion with 85 families.

In the moshav: playground, synagogue and mikveh.

Average ages: 30-50

Absorption Process: Submission of the request to the local absorption committee > interview with the absorption committee or the moshav's committee > in the case of a positive answer, the candidates sign an agreement and obligation with the moshav through the settlement's lawyer > sending the appeal to Israel Land Authority > signing the rental contract at the Authority > at this stage it is possible to begin with the house planning process, to receive the building permits, pay the dues and to begin the actual construction.

 Building in the Community

Expansions: Within the frames of the planned expansion the moshav markets 0.5 dunam lots. Construction types: Build-it-yourself.

Renting in the moshav: Small number of private houses is offered for rent.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Employment in moshav and its vicinity: Most of the residents find their living in the settlement itself, mainly from agriculture, plant nurseries and lock smithy, while the others work outside in the surrounding settlements.

Entrepreneurship in the moshav: Mainly in the area of agriculture. Next to the moshav is a developing "Noam" Industrial Park where the interested persons can develop their entrepreneurial ideas.


The moshav was founded in 1951 by group settling of immigrants from Kurdistan. The name is a symbolic agricultural one, inspired by Exodus 31.

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