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 Community Location

The community of Kmehin, belonging to Ramat Negev regional council, is located in the area of Nitzana District settlements, 70 km south of Beer-Sheva in the middle of the desert. The community is surrounded by desert nature close to the Hagar Sands natural reserve.

 General Information

Kmehin is a secular agricultural moshav  in expansion of 30 families.

Since 1992 the Kmehin turned into a workers moshav with a community settlement orientation. Each family has its agricultural farm and her own business, but the community facet of community's life also gained considerable importance.

Kmehin operates many committees: absorption and culture, sport, Thai workers, education, audit, security... many members are active in various committees. Holidays and festive events are celebrated together. The agricultural facet is also important because the residents live from agriculture and in fact, this is the way of life in which the owner works close to his family and plays an important role in family life.

In the community: Library, adult club and children club, post office services and play yard.

Average ages: 20-40

Age groups:

Children 0-3: 25

Children 3-6: 25

Children 6-13: 10

Youth 13-21: 5

Adults 21-120: 56

Absorption Process: 

Meeting and interview with the absorption committee > filling of a questionnaire > 3 days of accommodation as a guest in the moshav, when each family is entertained daily by a different hosting family, making the candidates "feel" the place more deeply > conversation with the absorption committee > tests in PILAT Institute - settling adjustment tests with emphasis on the ability to run a self-employed business and being a part of a small community > summarizing committee at the Jewish Agency, including the representatives of the settling movements in the Agency and absorption committee. The candidate family undergoes a short interview, test results are examined, leading to acceptance/rejection decision.

 Building in the Community

At the first year the absorbed family receives a house provided by the Ministry of Housing at the size of 72 m2, to be rented through Amidar. After the candidacy year is over and being accepted, the family can continue living in the Amidar house or build its own house on an area of 1 dunam.

Renting in the Community: Families absorbed in the community can rent 72 m2 house from Amidar.

Grants and Bonuses: The absorption is assisted by the Jewish Agency which finances the building of agricultural farm at the price of  72,000 dollars provided as a loan for the settle, to be returned in installments in 30 years.

75% of this sum becomes a grant and the remaining 25% should be returned to the Jewish agency after 10 years during the following 20 years. This loan can be used not only for agricultural business, if the absorbed candidate has an idea approved by the Jewish Agency. Other loan options are: MATI: Commerce and Industry Chamber. In fact, there are authorities helping in establishment of almost every self-employed business.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Employment in the community and its vicinity: Many of the families work and live from agriculture. Others work at various jobs outside the settlement. Considerable percentage of the residents has an academic title.

Production in the commuinty: Cherry tomatoes for export (organic/conventional), flowers for export, peppers for export, spices for export (organic/conventional). In the recent years the branch of organic vegetables is gaining impetus at the global market. The advantage and uniqueness of Kmehin is in using saline underground waters for agricultural irrigation, an advantage that helps in saving of water and improves the taste of the fruits.

Entrepreneurship in the Community: Various agricultural ventures as well as tourism: spas, zimmers, etc.


Kmehin was founded as a kibbutz-moshav in 1988 by the Moshavim Movement and called after the Kmehin (truffle) mushroom that grows in the area.

Foundation Process: The site was founded by 4 NAHAL cores of the Moshavs Movement, who gathered especially for this purpose. Most of the founders were members of other moshavs and Hatzofim Movement. Gradually, in the course of the first 4 years when Kmehin functioned as a kibbutz-moshav, am access road was paved, sidewalks were laid, lawns planted, and tree-by-tree a settlement was born.

Name Role      Telephone Mobile


Yehudit al Ezra   Absorption Committee   050-2813331 


Ayelet Raz Absorption Committee   054-4444324  
Israel Farkacs Absorption Committee   054-4781353  

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