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Northern Negev/Sdot Negev Regional Council/Kfar Maimon

 Community Location

Moshav Kfar-Maimon, belonging to Sdot Negev regional council, is located in the northeastern Negev, app. 5 km from Netivot and to the west of Tushiya.

 General Information

Kfar-Maimon is a religious moshav of app. 145 families.

In the moshav: clinic, playgrounds, grocery store, synagogue and mikveh, sport court and basketball court.

Average ages: 40-60

Absorption Process: Submission of the appeal to the settlement's committee > Interview with the absorption committee or the moshav's committee > in the case of a positive answer, the candidates sign an agreement and obligation with the moshav through the settlement's lawyer > sending the appeal to Israel Land Authority > signing the rental contract at the Authority > at this stage it is possible to begin with the house planning process, to receive the building permits, pay the dues and to begin the actual construction.



 Building in the Community

Renting in the moshav: Few members are renting apartment units at their private estates.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Employment in moshav and its vicinity: Most of the living sources in the moshav are based on agriculture.


Kfar-Maimon was founded in 1959 and named after Rabbi Y.L. Maimon - the leader of the Zionist Movement and the first minister of religions of the State of Israel.

Foundation process: The foundation ceremony of Kfar-Maimon was set to 16 of the month of Ab (August) of the year 1959, but the process of forming the founders' group and actual building of the settlement itself began five years earlier. In the summer of 1954 the members of "Eitanim" Tribe of the Bney Aqiva Movement completed their studies in "Mikveh Israel" high school. These studies and agricultural training do their job and some of the graduates ask for permission to found a settlement of Bney Aqiva with the intention to establish an agricultural moshav in the spirit of the values of the movement, the Torah and work.

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