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Northern Negev/Sdot Negev Regional Council/Mlilot

 Community Location

Moshav Mlilot, belonging to Sdot Negev regional council, is located 3 km south of Netivot on Gaza-Beer-Sheva road.

Traveling distances: 85 km from Tel-Aviv, 100 km from Jerusalem, 30 km from Ashkelon and 30 km from Beer-Sheva

 General Information

Mlilot is a mixed moshav in expansion with 67 families.

In the moshav: playground, synagogue and mikveh.

Average ages: 30-50

Age groups:Children 0-3: 9

Children 3-6: 11

Children 6-13: 29

Youth 13-21: 31

Adults 21-120: 228

Absorption Process: Submission of the request to the moshav absorption committee > interview + provision of integrity certificate and study diplomas (if any) > absorption committee.

 Building in the Community

Expansions: Within the frames of the expansion the moshav offers 60 lots for construction, 18 of which are already sold. Lot size is 500 sqm.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Employment in moshav and its vicinity: Agriculture, packing plant for vegetable sorting and carpentry.

Production in the moshav: Agriculture and woodworks.


The moshav was founded in 1953. The name is inspired by the Bible passage from Chronicles 23:26. Literally, the name means: "bundle of ripe wheat".

Foundation process: At the beginning the founders lived in shacks and worked at government initiated works. Later they've built their permanent homes and prepared the soil for agriculture.

Name Role Telephone Mobile E-mail

Halali Rachamim

Committee Head




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