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Northern Negev/Tamar Regional Council/Ein Tamar

 Community Location

Ein-Tamar, belonging to Tamar regional council, lies in the northern Arava to the south of the
Dead Sea.
Traveling Distances
: 5 km from Dimona, 5 km from Arad, 90 km from Beer-Sheva

 General Information

Ein Tamar is a secular agricultural commuinty of 35 families.

Ein Tamar's Motto: Ein Tamar is the right place for those interested in building of their lives in a quality society, in the silence of the desert and primordial scenery, in combination with high quality of social and cultural lives, qualitative educational system and serenity that can be found only here.

In the community: clinic, swimming pool, play yard, grocery store, synagogue, gym, mikveh.

Average ages: 30-50

Age groups:

Children 0-3: 10

Children 3-6: 15

Children 6-13: 20

Youth 13-21: 35

Adults 21-120: 100

Absorption Process:  Filling of candidate's questionnaire, including attached CV > meetings with the absorption committee > addressing to diagnostic tests > candidacy year ending with voting by the other moshav members about accepting the candidate as a member.

The aforementioned absorption process occurs in two stages:

·            Agricultural absorption, intended for families interested to find their place in the vegetable or fish farming.

·            Absorption intended for families interested to settle and dwell in the moshav, including receiving all the municipal services, and establish their own private ventures.

 Building in the Community

Agricultural or tourist absorption is conducted through the custom process used in the moshav, at the end of which the candidate receives an estate + house or caravan-villa.

Bonuses and Benefits: Local grant given to settlers that have the rights matching Ministry of Housing criteria. Ministry of Agriculture grants are provided according to the branches.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Employment in the community and its vicinity:

The residents work in agriculture and tourism in the settlement and in various free professions outside the community.

Entrepreneurship in the commuinty:

Initiatives in areas of tourism, agriculture, zimmers, desert trips. Any idea concerning initiatives in this area will be examined in detail.


Ein Tamar ('Tamar's Spring') was founded in 1982 and named after the spring of Tamar located nearby.

Foundation Process: In August of 1982 a core of 22 families arrived at the temporary site, and after 15 years moved into the permanent settlement.

Name Role      Telephone Mobile


Dvika Dor               052-2769722


Naama Wormat     052-5450762  
Orit Lahav     052-2712737  

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