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Northern Negev/Har Hevron Regional Council/Sansana

 Community Location

Sansana, belonging to Har Hevron (Mt. Hebron) regional council, sits on the geographical seam between Northern Negev and Southern Mt. Hebron, app. 15 km northeast of Beer-Sheva.

Traveling Times: 20 minutes from Beer-Sheva, 30 minutes from Kiryat-Gat and 5 minutes from Meitar.

 General Information

Sansana is a religious community village in expansion of 48 families. At present, the residents live in temporary quarters (caravans) and the land development works concerning permanent houses are near completion, when several families already began to build their permanent residences. Sansana already has several operating institutions: educational institutions for tender ages, Assisting Foundation for helping the needy and community rabbinical college, as well as varied social activities for children and adults.

Sansana's Motto: Sansana is characterized as a community working toward its development with the aid of inner forces operated on voluntary basis in varied areas. All the developments and growth in the community are done in good spirit, mutual cooperation and through personal commitment and responsibility. This commitment to these principles enables Sansana to score many achievements and to become one of the flagship settlements of the renewing Zionism in the Negev.

In the community: Clinic, play yard, synagogue, mikveh, culture room and library.

Average ages: 20-40

Age groups:

Children 0-3: 55

Children 3-6: 50

Children 6-13: 30

Adults 21-120: 96

Absorption Process: Contacting the absorption coordinator > passing of the absorption process comprised from 3 meetings and 2 Sabbath weekends in the community > after the completion of the absorption process the candidates undergo a test in PILAT (according to the demand of the Community Development Unit) > interview at the Community Development Unit.

 Building in the Community

Forthcoming development and marketing of Stage B', where it would be possible to purchase 1.5 dunam lots. Construction type: self-building according to "do it yourself" method that matches official construction regulations.

Renting in the community: At present, the only possible renting is that of caravans.

Grants and bonuses: The building of the permanent residence will receive assistance in the purchase of the lot, included in the lot's ownership cost.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Employment in the community and its vicinity: Sansana's residents work in many professional areas: teaching, medicine, social work, academy, serving in the security forces and artisanship. Likewise, there are also self-employed businesses in areas of the Internet, architecture, graphics, staging and editing, etc. Most of the residents work in the area of Beer-Sheva but there are also those working in other settlements and several people that work in the central region of the state.

Entrepreneurship in Sansana: All enterprising ideas are welcomed. It is possible to appeal for assistance from the Community Development Unit.


Sansana was founded in 1999 on Israel's Independence Day. The name "Sansana" means 'basis of the date's palm', featuring in the Song of Songs: "And I have said that the climber of the date holds its basis (sansino)'. To climb up and reach the dates one must use the sansanim. Thus, the settlement itself serves only as a mean for the achievement of the dwellers' goals. In addition, Sansana is one of the settlements known as belonging to the tribe of Judah from the period of Joshua.

Foundation Process: The actual settling began with the formation of a "strong" core, home circles and mouth-to-ear circulation of the idea, followed by contacting the community development authorities, tracing of the site that was a former NAHAL outpost and coordination of the staged settling.

At the first stage came the vanguard of 3 families and 2 bachelors, who entered the site on 1999 Independence Day.

Stage 2 included the arrival of 10 families and an official statutory ceremony of founding a new settlement.

After settling at the community site the vanguard settlers and NAHAL Core members that were stationed at the location lived half a year of fertile and interested life.

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