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Northern Negev/Shaar Hanegev Regional Council/Bror Hail

 Community Location

Kibbutz Bror Hail, belonging to Shaar Hanegev regional council, is located in the western Negev, 5 minutes ride from Sderot.

Traveling Times: 30 min. from Beer-Sheva, 15 min. from Ashkelon and 50 min. from Tel-Aviv.

 General Information

Bror Hail is a mixed kibbutz in expansion with 248 families. Bror Hail is a renewing kibbutz in a process of demographic growth. Most of the residents are warm and welcoming Brazilians, which generate a very special atmosphere in the kibbutz. All the residents celebrate their holidays together and operate various activities.

In the kibbutz: swimming pool, play yard, grocery store and synagogue.

Average ages: 30-50

Age groups:
Children 0-3: 16
Children 3-6: 24
Children 6-13: 65
Youth 13-21: 68
Adults 21-120: 418

Absorption Process: Signing a contract with the entrepreneur, signing the contract with the kibbutz, diagnosis institution.

 Building in the Community

Expansions: The new neighborhood was planned as a natural extension of the kibbutz with open green spaces and access to the community services. The number of marketed lots is app. 140, with average size of 500 sqm per lot. Building options: models.

Renting in the kibbutz: Currently, all the available houses for rent in the kibbutz are occupied, but students and singles can rent rooms.

 Education in the Kibbutz

The kibbutz has 4 operating kindergartens for all ages. The elementary school, junior-high and the high school are located at Shaar Hanegev regional council. The Council arranges for daily transportation from the settlement to the schools and back.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Employment in the kibbutz and its vicinity: Most of the kibbutz residents work outside the kibbutz in the following institutions: Osem Factory, Elite Factory, various plants in Sderot and at the industrial park, Shaar Hanegev Education Compound, Sapir College, Amdocs Company Offices, etc… Some of the residents work in various branches of the kibbutz itself: field crops, greenhouses, cowshed, chicken coops, plantations, software plant, Zoglovek Factory, etc…

Entrepreneurship in the kibbutz: Baking products factory, individual ventures of the kibbutz members - wine, ceramics and grill restaurant.


Bror Hail was founded in 1948 by the core of the Hahalutz Movement from Egypt, and it was the first settlement founded after the declaration of Independence of the State of Israel. Shortly after its foundation Bror Hayl was chosen as the target kibbutz of the Brazilian Youth Movement "Dror" and later by "Dror Habonim" and began to absorb large numbers of immigrants from Brazil. Thus, Bror Hail became the central kibbutz of Brazilian emigrants in Israel, or as its members like to say, into the largest Brazilian kibbutz in the world.
The origin of the name is somewhat obscure, however it seems that sometimes in the distant past a station for "soldiers inquiries" was located at the same place, a sort of mobilization base of today. Likewise, in the past, an Arab village named "Brur" was located at the same location.

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Israel Farkash     052-6992713  

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