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 Community Location

Kibbutz Tlalim, belonging to Ramat Negev regional council, lies app. 3 km southward of Mash'abim Junction.

Traveling Times: 30 minutes from Beer-Sheva, 100 minutes from Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem and 25 minutes from Dimona.

 General Information

Tlalim is a secular kibbutz in expansion, with 32 families.

The form of life in Tlalim is mainly cooperative, like in the classic kibbutz model, but in the present there is considerable economic openness and independence. As for the kibbutz spirit - Tlalim preserves equality and cooperation through common education, shared cultural life, principally shared decision-making (meeting, secretariat, various committees) and of course full cooperation in the kibbutz business ventures. The economic openness is expressed in the freedom to engage in whatever vocation the member wants, without being restricted to the needs of the kibbutz. Each member is responsible for his own provision and does so independently. The uniting factor - the desire to live in a place with cooperative way of life and economic independence.

In the kibbutz: Clinic, swimming pool, play yard, synagogue, gym.

Average ages: 30-50

Age groups:

Children 0-3: 20

Children 3-6: 22

Children 6-13: 28

Youth 13-21: 21

Adults 21-120: 77

Absorption Process: At the first stage the candidate has to live in the kibbutz as tenant for at least one year, and only then his candidacy for absorption is examined.
נהנים בבריכה בטלליםילדי קיבוץ טללים

 Building in the Community

Expansions: In the near future the kibbutz plans to build app. 150 living quarters which could be purchased. The planned lot sizes are 0.5 dunams and house size 110-180 m2.

Renting in the kibbutz: There are flats of 3/4/5 rooms available for rent.

Grants and Benefits: Income tax discounts up to 16%. Other grants are provided according to state budget + the decisions of the relevant institutions.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Employment in the kibbutz and its vicinity: Tlalim was founded as an agricultural economy: large dairy farming, open spaces for field crops (the lands are located in Revivim area). In addition, Tlalim offers a hostel - built due to the need to exploit existing resources (old living quarters), and currently being transformed into Jewish Agency absorption center. Other facilities are Bar-Beton Concrete factory - partnership with Bar-Beton Company as an extension for marketing of ready concrete. The educational system employs the services local and external workers.

Outside Tlalim: Artisan occupations in the area. Some of the residents work at various places located in 30 min. driving radius around Tlalim, local council (5 min ride), Yeruham (20 min), Dimona (25 min), Beer-Sheva (30), etc.

Entrepreneurship in the kibbutz: Tlalim encourages and supports entrepreneurship. The new initiatives include: boarding house for dogs founded by the kibbutz members, artistic workshop (the artist works with wood and iron) and garage (also founded by the members). 


The settlement was founded in 1981. The name "Tlalim" (plural of "Tal" - dew) is after the considerable amount of morning dew in the area for most of the year.

Foundation Process: Tlalim was founded in 1980 by members of NAHAL cores from the Tzofim movements all over Israel. At the beginning many young men came and left, making the kibbutz look like a transit station, until the residents began marrying and brought the first children and stability.

Special Milestones: At the end of the 1980's the kibbutz underwent a process of change from the older kibbutz mode and became one of the change process pioneers in the Kibbutzim Movement. These changes caused to the departure of some members, which were replaced by new ones that settled in.

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