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Northern Negev/Eshkol Regional Council/Kissufim

 Community Location

Kibbutz Kissufim, belonging to Eshkol regional council, is located in the western part of the northern Negev, along Saad-Beeri-Gush Qatif Road, app. 4 km from kibbutz Nirim.

Traveling times: 40 min. from Beer-Sheva and Ashkelon, 20 min. from Ofakim, Netivot and Sderot

 General Information

Kissufim is a secular kibbutz in expansion with app. 55 families.
The population of Kissufim is very heterogeneous, a real melting pot of various diasporas. The members came from the four corners of the earth, full of ambition to flower the arid Negev by establishing an open cooperative settlement.

Main sources of income in the kibbutz are services and local guesthouse, when approximately one third of the members work outside, each in his profession. All the holidays are celebrated jointly with many guests coming do the holiday in the kibbutz. Kissufim has an educational system for the tender ages and supplementary education for the school pupils from the 1st to the 12th grade. Formal education is provided by the regional schools.

In the recent years the kibbutz changes and adjusts itself to the new millennia by applying new ideas and showing openness to new opportunities. Members of the kibbutz stick to the fundamental basics of mutual support, equality of human value and aware to the need of encouraging private initiatives of the members, and in the need to join forces with outside bodies interested to cooperate in all spheres of life.

In the kibbutz: clinic, swimming pool, playground, grocery store, mess hall, laundry, tennis court, basketball court, football pitch.

Average ages: 20-40

Absorption Process: preliminary interview > visit at the kibbutz > filling and submission of the required forms > grapholigical test > reception committee > singing the contract > addressing the candidates to the Israel Land Authority.



 Building in the Community

Expansions: The "Nof Calaniyot" Project offers a quality living environment in a neighborhood of kibbutz Kissufim, through emphasis on integration of the neighborhood with the kibbutz as a united community enjoying high level community and educational services. Joining the project enables to enjoy life in a new, young and quality community, aspiring to create firm social, municipal and cultural partnership.

The project offers: 138 family units with attached lots of 700 sqm. The building cost is app. 800$ per meter. The extension forms a crescent to the west of the current neighborhoods of the kibbutz, with a beautiful panorama combining the relaxing blue colors of the Mediterranean with the pastoral view of Dir-Al-Balakh houses in the background. The residents can choose between concentrated construction and buying a lot for self-building. 40 lots are offered at phase A'. 3 models are offered for concentrated building, when each model serves as the basic core which can be enlarged by the tenant in the future.

Renting at the kibbutz: The kibbutz has several family apartments for rent, until the completion of the construction.

Bonuses and benefits: Free of charge renting of apartments in the kibbutz for one year, starting with the beginning of the construction for the first 6 families. Garden utilities coupon of 8,000 NIS. Treatment and help in the area of procuring a building permit. Tax discount of 13%.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Employment in kibbutz and its vicinity: Approximately one third of the kibbutz members work outside the kibbutz in varied professions.

Production in the kibbutz: Cowshed, chicken coop, field crops, avocado orchard, village accommodation.

Entrepreneurship in the kibbutz: All initiatives are welcomed. There is a variety of places and structures that can be offered for almost every need. Guidance and direction can be provided through the Council or Business Encouragement Center (MTI).


The kibbutz was founded in 1951. The name "Kissufim" means longing, craving to the Land of Israel, good and sharing life.

Foundation process: Cores from the United States, Argentina, Chile and Brazil received their training in the existing kibbutzim and then united in the kibbutz Naan which served as their base until their movement to the actual site in the western Negev to fulfill the ideal of settling the Negev and defending its borders.

Special Events:

*           The assembly decides to forfeit the double citizenship.

*           Division and leaving as a result of the Sne Crisis in the Kibbutzim Movement.

*           Constant struggle against the foreign infiltrators.

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