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Northern Negev/Eshkol Regional Council/Kerem Shalom

 Community Location

Kibbutz Kerem Shalom, belonging to Eshkol regional council, lies in sands of Khalutza.

Traveling times: 20 min. from Ofakim, 40 minutes from Beer-Sheva.

 General Information

Kerem Shalom is a secular kibbutz of 13 families. It is a cooperative kibbutz with all the implied associations. Kerem Shalom is interested to absorb families and individuals that want to live in a cooperative settlement. Anyone thinking that he can contribute to the strengthening of the kibbutz, whether in economical or social aspects - is welcome.

In the kibbutz: swimming pool, playground and gym.

Average ages: 20-40

Age groups:

Children 0-3: 5

Children 3-6: 10

Children 6-13: 6

Youth 13-21: 6

Adults 21-120: 27

Absorption Process: Addressing and sorting at the Absorption Department of the Kibbutzim Movement (or addressing via the absorption coordinator/kibbutz secretary) > meeting at the home of the candidate > 1-2 weekend accommodations > graphological testing.



 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Production in the kibbutz: Shared field crops growing with the kibbutz of Nir Yitzhak, chicken coop.


Kerem Shalom was founded in 1966, disintegrated in 1996 and was re-established in 2001. the settlement's name comes from its location near the Israel-Egypt-Gaza Strip border and the belief of its dwellers that this is the place the coveted peace shall come from.

Foundation process: The first core of Kerem Shalom settlers was named "Gilat" (Tnuva's Children Core) and its members came from the "Ramot Kheffer" educational institution. On 15.5.1968 approximately 40 members of the core arrived to the area and three years later the settlement moved to its current location.

Name Role      Telephone Mobile


 Shiyobal     Absorption Coordinator   08-6262666



 Amit  Absorption Coordinator    054-7919702  

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