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Southern Negev/Eilot Regional Council/Neve Harif

 Community Location

Kibbutz Neve Harif, belonging to Eilot regional council, is located 75 km to the north of Eilat.

 General Information

Neve Harif is a secular agricultural kibbutz, with 25 families. Neve Kharif is a kibbutz where members and residents live in harmony, in a small and homogenous community, where all the services are privatized. The social-communal way of life in the kibbutz combines kibbutz ideology with the modern daily reality.

Our Motto: We want to grow!

A person joining us becomes an integral part of the community as a resident, rents an apartment at the kibbutz, and finds his own way of making a living. Children education is conducted through the regional system of education. Culture is based on extensive activity of the Culture, Leisure & Sport Center, while the health services are provided in the kibbutz itself and on regional basis.

In the kibbutz: swimming pool, playground, synagogue and gym.

Average ages: 30-50

Age groups:

Children 0-3: 4

Children 3-6: 6

Children 6-13: 18

Youth 13-21: 20

Adults 21-120: 48



 Building in the Community

Expansions: The settlement is interested to recruit families that want to establish a community neighborhood and start advancing this project forward with their help.

Renting in the kibbutz: The kibbutz has 10 apartments available for rent on the basis vacant places. Apartment sizes are 65-70 sqm.

Bonuses and benefits: Tax bonus of 12%.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Employment in kibbutz and its vicinity: Various jobs at regional facilities, such as the regional packinghouse, council, school. MATNAS, etc, and in the city of Eilat and local kibbutzim.

Production in the kibbutz: Dairy cowshed, chicken coop for eggs, chicken coop for meat, dates.

Entrepreneurship in the kibbutz: Initiatives in the areas of tourism and agriculture.


Neve Harif was founded in 1987 and named after the late Moussa Kharif, who was a member of the 10th Knesset and was active supporter of the settlement endeavor in Israel. Moussa was killed with his wife in car crash in 1982.

Foundation process: At first the settlers lived at temporary site named Shitim and moved to the permanent location of Neve Kharif one year later.

Special events: The settlements was declared at the beginning as an industrial kibbutz, but when it was discovered that industry in the Arava does not offer any significant advantages, the program was altered after a decade to agricultural designation.

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