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Northern Negev/Eshkol Regional Council/Nir Oz

 Community Location

Nir Oz belonging to Eshkol regional council, is located app. 3 km to the west of Magen and app. 2 km from Nirim.

Traveling times: 35 min from Beer-Sheva, 40 min from Ashkelon, 15 min from Ofakim and 20 min from Sderot.

 General Information

Nir Oz is a secular agricultural kibbutz of app. 75 families. 

In the recent years, Nir Oz, which is a developed and successful kibbutz, is engaged in coping with the debts of the past. At this phase the kibbutz is characterized by the efforts made in the social sphere with the purpose of sustaining the kibbutz way of life and adjusting it to the new millennia. Accordingly, the kibbutz tries chose to affiliate itself with the "cooperative current", a group of kibbutzim intending to continue in cooperative way of life instead of dismantling them. The kibbutz is also prominent in its cooperative culture, integration of the future generations in posts of directorship and administration. Consequently, in the recent years the kibbutz makes considerable and successful efforts to increase its ranks.

In the kibbutz: clinic, swimming pool, playground, grocery store, mess hall and gym.

Average ages: 40-60

Absorption Process: Addressing via the Kibbutzim Movement Absorption Department in Tel-Aviv > weekend meeting > week accommodation in the kibbutz > mutual decision to begin the absorption process > one-year candidacy and being accepted as members.

 Building in the Community

Renting in the kibbutz: There are apartments for rent in the kibbutz.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Employment in kibbutz and its vicinity: Agriculture, industry, services and education.

Production branches in the kibbutz: Agriculture, cattle, chicken coops and factory.

Entrepreneurship in the kibbutz: The kibbutz is open to various initiatives, such as arts, artisanship, hi-tech. At the present the kibbutz has operating initiatives in the areas of video, advertisement, alternative treatments, etc.


The kibbutz was founded in 1955 by graduates of "Ha-Shomer Ha-Tzair" Movement in Israel. The name Nir Oz is combination of "strong" (oz) "furrow" (telem) = holding to the soil.

Foundation process: The settlement was founded on October the 1st, 1955, as a NAHAL outpost of the Kibbutz Ha-Artzi, recognized almost immediately by the authorities two months later. During the first two years the kibbutz was held by NAHAL cores and in May 1957 it witnessed the arrival of the first core of settlers comprised from Ha-Shomer Ha-Tzair graduates. In the following years further cores of the movement joined the kibbutz.

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Yossi     08-9983625    054-7916605  

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