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Northern Negev/Shaar Hanegev Regional Council/Nir Am

 Community Location

Kibbutz Nir Am, belonging to Shaar Hanegev regional council, is located in the northwestern Negev, west of Sderot and nearby Sapir College.

Traveling Distances: 25 km from Ashkelon, 40 km from Beer-Sheva, 85 km from Tel-Aviv and 90 km from Jerusalem.

 General Information

Nir Am is a secular agricultural kibbutz in expansion, with 110 families.

Nir Am is a well-tended commuinty with lovely green corners, located in geographic area inspiring love toward the place and desire to tour the region. The population of Nir Am is a multi-cultural one, because throughout its existence the kibbutz absorbed graduates of various youth movements in Israel, Latin America, France and Northern Africa, which generated an atmosphere of cultural openness and pluralism. Nir Am is considered as a renewing kibbutz, which endorses communal perception shared by the members and permanent residents of the kibbutz. Nir Am's absorption program, from its physical and social aspects, aspires to create a community in which all the local people would feel as partners.

In the kibbutz: clinic, swimming pool, play yard, club.

Average ages: 30-50

Absorption Process: 

After receiving the information and getting acquainted with the kibbutz and its components, and examination of the existing options, the candidates are addressed to Nir Am's reception committee, including addressing to an institute that checks their suitability. The approved candidates, interested to purchase a house in the neighborhood, are addressed to the entrepreneur and Israel Land Authority.

 Building in the Community

Expansions: In the kibbutz it is possible to purchase upgradeable apartments or only the land for building at sizes of app. 600 m2.

Details on Expansion Neighborhood

The Neighborhood: "Mitzpe Nir-Am" is planned to be built in two stages.

Stage A' - 42 lots of 0.5-1.0 dunam size in marketing stages.

Stage B' - 96 lots in planning stages.

·            Five house models, which can be chosen at varying sizes with option of future enlargement.

·            Each house has an approach to a green area. The building is planned in "clusters" and each lot has only two neighbors.

·            Low construction, with the possibility to use the roof as an "elevated yard" approached through external staircase - basement option.

There is of course the possibility of flexible planning. Further details: Oded Megiddo, Neot Nir Company, 02-57035552,

Renting in the kibbutz: It is possible to rent houses of varying sizes. For details: 08-6809970 (Amalia Musafi).

Grants and Benefits: Low land prices according to Israel Land Authority pricelist, National Priority Area A' - 13% discount in the income tax.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Employment in the kibbutz and its vicinity: Varied employment opportunities in the regional cities. Access to train scheduled to open in 2008 offers further opportunities, especially since the Sapir-Sderot Station is planned to be built right against the entrance to the kibbutz. Nir Am is close to Sapir College and "Sapirim" Industrial Zone. Another planned project is the "Big Commercial Center", planned for 2008-2009.

Production in the kibbutz:

Industry: Michsaf, cutlery and domestic tools manufacturing factory.

Agriculture: field crops, orchards.

Tourism: Hotel Inn, catering services, Water and Security Museum, shooting range and security personnel school.

Entrepreneurship in the kibbutz: Nir Am already has several enterprises. It all depends on motivation and the ability to promote the ideas and materialize them.


Nir Am was founded at the eve of Tu Bishvat on August 19th, 1943, by a group of "Gordonia" graduates from Eastern Europe and called after Nir Khalutzey Ha Am (Nation's Pioneer Settlers).

Foundation Process: After a waiting period of several year at Giv'at Hakibbutzim and Krayot, a suitable place for settling was finally found in the Negev, and the pioneers of the group founded Nir-Chayyim, one of the three first spots in the area. The name "Nir-Chayyim", carrying a strong agricultural association, remained until the ending of World War II, when the settlement changed its name to commemorate the Holocaust.

In the course of time the population of the kibbutz swelled by graduates of youth members from abroad (Argentina, France and Morocco) and from Israel. In 2002 Nir Am adopted the "renovating kibbutz" model with progressive privatization trends, and set a goal of expanding the settlement with the intention to see the new residents as an integral part of the community's existence.

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Avi Kadosh  Community Director  08-6809964   050-5231310

Betty Gavri 08-6809040 050-7549925

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