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Community Location

Kibbutz Re'im, belonging to Eshkol regional council, is located at the center of the western Negev, 45 km from Beer-Sheva and 100 km from Te-Aviv.

 General Information

Re'im is a secular agricultural kibbutz with app. 90 families.

Re'im is a cooperative kibbutz with extensive activity comprised mainly from current activity and holidays, celebrated by the whole community. These celebrations are prepared by almost all the members working in holiday teams.

In the kibbutz: clinic, swimming pool, playground, grocery store, synagogue and gym.

Average ages: 40-60

Absorption Process: Re'im absorbs families with children, putting an emphasis on the economy of the kibbutz and does not demand from the candidates "to leave everything" and come to the kibbutz. One can certainly enter the kibbutz with an exiting job.

Absorption: contacting the kibbutz > week accommodation at the kibbutz > adjustment tests and medical examinations > the absorption process continue for app. 2 years in the course of which the absorbed family is accompanied by a local family > reception committee.


The system of education in Re'im can be divided into three sectors:

Tender age: From birth to finishing the mandatory kindergarten. There are 4 children houses for tender age children: nursery (up to 1.5 years), play school, young kindergarten and adult kindergarten. The staff includes professional kindergarten teachers and instructors. At these ages the children also receive music lessons and enjoy the motion room under the guidance of professional teachers, children library, etc.

Informal education: Re'im has two frames of informal education, after school and during vacations. All the children participate in these frames, which operate in a mode that matches the specific needs of the children at all ages. The staff working in informal education is young, professional and energetic. The activities take place in the afternoon and evening hours according to the various age groups.

Regional circles: The council offers various regional circles for children in the areas of sport, dance, music and enrichment.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Employment in kibbutz and its vicinity: Agriculture, industry, Isralaser Factory for laser processing of materials, Israbig factory for reliefs, field crops, cowshed, chicken coop and orchard; food branch and services.


The kibbutz was founded in 1944. Initially it was called Tel Re'im (Hill of Friends) after the name of the Gama Hill located nearby, but later the name was changed to Re'im, in memory of the founders' core members who fell in the War of Independence.

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