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Northern Negev/Bnei Shimon Regional Council/Nevatim

 Community Location

Moshav Nevatim, belonging to Bnei Shimon regional council, lies at the northern part  of the Negev, 7 km to the east of Beer-Sheva.

 General Information

Nevatim is a mixed moshav in expansion, with 120 families. The moshav boasts a long-time community tradition. The local synagogue is an exact replica of the synagogue in Cochin (India), parts of which were brought to Israel. Nevatim is comprised from 120 estates, spread over a large area adjacent to cultivates plots.

In the community: Clinic, swimming pool, play yard, grocery store, synagogue, mikveh and gym.

Average ages: 30-50

Absorption Process: Sorting and reception (according to the moshav's regulations) > individual interview > graphological analysis > PILAT Institute diagnosis.

 Building in the Community

Expansions: After the planned community expansion, the moshav is supposed to include 138 lots of 600 m2 each. Construction type: self-building. Plan approval stage: approved city building plan. Scheduled commencement of marketing: July 2006
(50 lots at stage A').

Renting in the community: Private, arranged by each individual candidate.

Bonuses and Grants: National Priority Area B'.

 Education in the Moshav

 Nevatim has a nursery, kindergarten, play-school and mandatory kindergarten. The children attend the "Nitzaney Hanegev" school in the kibbutz of Beit-Kama, while junior-high and high school pupils attend the comprehensive high school in Omer.

Informal Education: The council operates social instructors in the communities (operation of 13 youth clubs), sport, arts and creation circles: app. 25 circles in total (sport, dance and motion, creation), regional social activities organized by the youth department of the council and activities of 4 youth movements providing various circles not included in those of the council (dance, music, etc).

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

Employment in the community and its vicinity: Approximately half of the residents work outside the moshav and some are making a living from growing of flowers in greenhouses, hens and other cultivations. The community lies close to many industrial zones: Atom Research Center, Dimona, Dead Sea Works, Beer-Sheva, etc.
Production in the community:
The community has henhouses and greenhouses. In the sphere of tourism there are zimmers, café and restaurant, which also makes cookies and traditional Cochin foods.

Entrepreneurship in the community: At present there are 4 main branches: 4 units of zimmers, Cochin Jewry Museum, 'Ride with the Wind' - therapeutic horse riding, Miriam's Kitchen, Roses at the Heights and Designer Gallery. All other initiatives are


The community was founded in 1946. The name of the community was given after the name of the founders' core.

Foundation Process: The moshav was founded as a member of the "11 points" in the Negev. During the War of Independence it was besieged, but held on thanks to the supply dropped from airplanes. After the war the settlement was abandoned and resettled again in 1954 by immigrants from Cochin, India.

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