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 Community Location

Moshav Ein Yahav, belonging to Arava Tichona (Middle Arava) regional council, is located inside the triangle connecting Nahal Nekarot with Nahal Arava. The settlement itself is located at the midpoint between Beer-Sheva and Eilat, app. 130 km from each.

 General Information

Ein Yahav is a secular agricultural moshav with 165 families and 550 residents.

Ein Yahav is a Workers' Moshav, founded by the Moshavim Movement. Each of the families has 45 dunams of cultivated land, and the work is assisted by volunteers from abroad, organized workers and groups arriving for a period of two years and more from Thailand.

Each of the members bears direct responsibility for his farm (45 dunams) versus the banks. The production companies and the society help in the representation of the members versus the manufacture councils, water commissionership, Mekorot Company, JNF, Jewish Agency and the regional council. The members market their agricultural production through marketing partnerships.

Management: Economy coordinator - treasurer and active management chairman; directory board - the board is comprised from 9 directors who are according to the law elected amongst the local committee members, assisted by various committees operating on voluntary basis under the deciding general assembly, which is supposed to include all the members that have voting rights.

At the present the moshav has 120 farming estates, 60 of which belong to second-generation members, local residents that married and decided to build their homes in Ein Yahav, near their founding parents. 

In the moshav: clinic, swimming pool, gym and grocery store.

Average ages: 30-50

Building in the Community

At the present there are no expansions. Future plans include community expansion of 150 apartment units.



 Building in the Community

At the present there are no expansions. Future plans include community expansion of 150 apartment units.

 Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Community

·         Most of the living income comes from growing of vegetables and flowers during the autumn, winter and spring seasons. The vegetables are marketed in Europe and the US through the "Clean Arava" Project as well as to the local market.

·         2 Factories producing cosmetics from the aloe vera plant including selling points.

·         3 fitness clubs, sport hall and swimming poll, serving as the local country club in the summer.

·         Tourism projects that include restaurant and gas station next to the landing ground on the Arava Highway.

·         Catering services, alternative services, gift shop, pub and horse ranch.

·         50 accommodation rooms and other services in the area of tourism-health.

·         Agricultural services: companies that provide supply and irrigation services, cardboards, plastic, companies for export of agricultural products.


The community was founded in 1959. The literal translation of the name "Ein Yahav" is Spring of Hope.

Foundation process: The moshav was founded by members of the "Gadot" Core. In 1962 Ein Yahav was "naturalized" and continued to absorb 2 NAHAL cores for the next two years.

Special Events:

1966 - Laying of the corner stone of the first house in Ein Yahav.

1966-1967 - 34 houses are completed and 24 more are under construction.

1967-1968 - The first public structure - local kindergarten.

14.2.1968 - Laying the corner stone of the People's House.

1970 - The dressing room of the local swimming pool is used as a classroom.

1972 - Building of the clinic.

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